A simple cloud-based GIS for municipalities and rural utilities

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Diamond Maps is used by thousands of communities across the United States and Canada

"With Diamond Maps we were able to send a guy out on his 3rd day with a list of shut offs. When I started here it was a year before I could do that." - Larry T, TX

"I showed my map to the council last night, they all were very impressed." - Jamie T, WI

"Invaluable! The best tool out there for any size system period" - Randall W, FL

"I really like what I see." - Don C, Illinois Rural Water Assoc IL

"This is exactly what I've been looking for." - Randy P, OK

"I use Diamond Maps several times daily. I especially love the GPS feature." - Jeff M , MO

"To say we are in love with Diamond Maps is an understatement. We are finding new ways every day to use the program. Great job – keep it up!" Michelle H, IL

"You have constructed an excellent tool" Jamie H, New York Rural Water Assoc NY

"Why hasn't someone done this before" - Joe J,TX

"I have been looking for this for three years" - Randy T, IL

"It is user friendly and as handy as the pocket in my shirt. And that is exactly where I keep my copy of Diamond Maps." Frank O, MO

"This program is super addictive. Do not give to kids that like maps or colors or dots." Jesse H, KS

"Loving Diamond Maps!" Josh L, East Grand Forks MN

"I was an advocate for this because it requires no training. They just watch the videos." Mike A, People Service, Omaha NE

"The office staff are beside themselves over this map we have created. They've wanted something like this for 25 years" Matt F, OK

"The whole crew absolutely loves the app. we are finally getting out of the 1970's index cards" Charlie C, MN

"BTW... Your mapping system is awesome. Exactly what water and sewer companies need." Nick M, PA

"Spectacular mapping system! Even my low-tech guys are using this." Jamie T, KS

"Thank you so much for this wonderful service, it truly has been a game changer!" Savannah G, NM

"This program is the best one I have ever seen; my only wish is that it was there 30 some years ago.
It is easy to learn by way of the videos that you have set up. The learning curve is very good it does not take a p.h.d to operate."
Rick L, MI

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Devices View or edit your map on any computer, phone, or tablet. Works on Windows, Android, and Apple devices.
Online or OfflineMain application is browser based and requires an internet connection. But a free offline app is available for Android and Apple phones and tablets.video
UsersCreate seperate logins for each person on your staff. Each login can be used on any phone, tablet, or computer. video
PermissionsControl which users can make changes to which layers. video
Live DataAll of your users share live access to the map so when one person makes a change, that change appears on everyone else's map.
SupportPhone, email, and chat support is included with all subscriptions.
Maintenance Tracking
Attachments Take pictures or attach videos, pdf's, and other documents to each asset. Documents are uploaded to our server making them accesible to all your users. Attach documents one at a time or we can give you instructions to do batch uploads and linking.
Picture MarkupRotate and Annotate pictures.
Record Notes Maintain a running maintenance history for each asset. Time and author of each note is recorded.
Log Sheets Create a log sheet for select layers so operators can record daily entries from their phone. video
Regular MaintenanceRecord date of each valve exercise, hydrant flush, inspection, or sewer cleaning and report on which assets are overdue.
Lead Service Line InventoryCheck out DiamondMaps.com/Lead to see how we can help you track your LSLI and generate the exact spreadsheet required by your state.
Smoke TestingRecord your observations and track the resolution of sewer defects found during smoke testing.
Work OrdersCreate one-time or recurring work orders, assign to specific people, track completion status. video
DrawDraw points, lines, or areas. video
ChangeClick on any asset to change it's size, material, condition or other attributes.
AdjustClick and drag to adjust the location of points, lines and areas. video
SnapAutomatic snapping of lines and points helps keep your map connected.
Batch Operations Draw a rectangle or fence on the map to select multiple features to delete, move, or assign attributes to. video
GPSInterface Diamond Maps with any Bluetooth capable GPS/GNSS device to mark points precisely. Records position, time, accuracy, and elevation. Offline app records additional GPS metadata. more
ExcelFor advanced editing export to CSV, edit in excel, and merge data back into layer. video
Data Management
ImportImport from SHP, KML, KMZ, CSV, GPX, Delorme, or Geodatabase. Or just send us your files and our customer support team will import your data for you. video
ExportExport to SHP, KMZ, CSV, or Geodatabase.
WFSBuilt in WFS server allows 3rd parties (with your permission) to connect to Diamond Maps and view your data directly. This might include your county or city's GIS department or your 811 service provider.
Background ImageryGoogle Maps imagery is used as your base map by default but if you have your own ortho-photography we can add it to your map.
Street ViewGoogle street view is available in some areas which allows you to see pictures taken from the street.
Contours10ft interval contour lines are available for the whole country and can be added to your map for no cost.
BackupsWe automatically backup your data every night and keep seperate versions so you can roll back to any date. video
MapsCreate different maps for different departments and share common layers between those maps. video
Public MapYou can create a public map that requires no login and then place select layers on that map.
LimitsCreate an unlimited number of maps, layers, features, and attachments. No extra hosting charge.
Layer CreationCreate any number of layers from our list of templates or create your own custom layers
Display SettingsChange each layer's line color, fill color, symbol, labels, line style, line width, opacity, and visibility. more
Custom SchemaCustomize the field layout for each layer to include pick lists, checkboxes, text fields, date fields, default values, mandatory fields, etc. video
Special FieldsLayers can be configured with special fields to automatically calculate lengths, areas, and coordinates, or record when and by whom an asset was created or last edited.
Color CodingColor code the line and/or fill color of assets based on status, size, condition, last maintenance date, etc. video
ArrowsUse the arrow line style to indicate flow direction of gravity lines.
Browse Browse data in rows and columns with ability to sort, search, and export to Excel.
SearchSearch any layer for all assets matching simple or advanced search criteria. Browse the results or export to Excel to see totals.
Markup Draw freehand redlining on the map to temporarily markup an area for printing or emailing.
Print Generate large format print files (PDF) that can be sent to a printing company to create wall maps. video
Email Maps Use the Share button to email an interactive screen shot to anyone even if they are not a user on your account. video
MeasureMeasure distances and areas.
CoordinatesClick anywhere to get Latitude/Longitude coordinates. Or type in coordinates to find a location.
ElevationsClick anwhere on the map to see the elevation for that point.
Hosting We use industry leading Amazon Web Services to run our application and store all data on US servers.
API A .net API is available that allows your vendors or IT staff to programmatically access your data on our server for the purpose of custom reporting or data manipulation.
Meter SyncIf your billing software vendor can provide us with a nightly dump of all your customers then we can nightly update your meter layer(s) on your map to reflect the latest names, phone numbers, readings, and other information. We currently interface with Sequoyah, CUSI, Ampstun, and BBI. We would love to work with your vendor.
Professional Map MakersEngineering or service companies who manage maps for multiple customers can administer multiple accounts all on one dashboard. more
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per user per month

No Credit Card Required

All functionality described above is included in this one price. No setup cost, no contract, no surprises. And we have never raised a customer's price.

We can either invoice you annually and you pay by check. Or you can setup an automatic monthly payment from your credit card, same price either way. You can quit at any time and we will even refund any unused portion of your annual payment.

Have you ever gotten stuck trying to learn something new and wished you could talk to a real person? With Diamond Maps you can call, email, or live-chat one of our US-based map experts to get answers to specific questions, troubleshoot problems, or get suggestions on best-practices.

User Quantity
You can setup a separate user name and password (ie. login) for each user that you purchase. Each login can be used on any smart phone, tablet, or computer but at only one location at a time. You control which users can make changes to the map.

Unlimited User Subscription
Also known as the enterprise subscription, this option allows you to give everyone on your staff, including contractors, their own login, all for a fixed price. For example, a small community that serves a population under 2,000 can get the unlimited-use subscription for less than the cost of two users. Click the orange chat button for a quote right now

See frequently asked questions for more details.

"I wanted to express my gratitude to Zach Elliott for how very responsive he has been to all my questions. I want to make sure his superiors know just how impressed I have been with the level of customer service he has provided us during this onboarding process. He has answered every question so very quickly and there has been a lot. I told my GM that your company has the best customer service that I've seen in a very long time. Great job!!" - Christy D, TX
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How We Got Started
One thing I learned in 22 years of doing GIS software was that the people who manage small towns wear a lot of hats and they don't have time to become GIS experts. So in 2015 I set out to develop a new GIS system on the bet that there was a large audience of people just looking for something simple. read more...
It is 2022 now and Diamond Maps is still growing strong and being used by a thousand cities, towns, and rural utility districts. Additionally, the following service companies use Diamond Maps

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Contact Info

Have questions? Want a personal demo? Give us a call or use the live chat button in the bottom right corner.

We specialize in working with first time GIS users so all questions are welcome. Or send us your GIS files and we will set you up with a fully working 30 day free trial.




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