Frequently Asked Questions

Sales Questions
How much does this cost?
Will this work on both Android and Apple phones?
Do you offer an enterprise license?
What other software do I need?
What are the data storage limits and fees
What if I need help
Do I have to buy a subscription for each computer?
Can I just buy the software rather than paying an on-going subscription?
Can this be used as a data collector?
What departments in my city can use this?
How does this compare to ArcGIS?
Does this require an internet connection?
How does this free trial work?
I didn't have time to evaluate it this month. can you extend my free trial?
What if I later decide to go with someone else?
Is this an app that installs on my phone?
Can I add my own ortho photos?
How often does the background photography get updated?
How accurate are the maps?
Can we share this on the city's website?

Support Questions

When I open my map it starts out in the wrong place.
Can I control who makes changes to my map?
I selected the arrow line style for my sewer layer but many lines point in the wrong direction.
I added a new user but he never got an email with his password.
How much would you charge to map a small system with 500 connections?
Can I create more than one map?
How do I get this on my phone?
Why can't I see the calendar button next to my date field?
How do you reconcile changes made by different people on the same layer?
What if I lose my internet connection before I get a chance to save?
How do I backup my data?
How do I change the diameter for just 50ft of a pipe?
Can I import a Geodatabase?
What kind of tablet do you recommend?
What if someone goes in and deletes everything we have done?
How do I print?
Can I zoom in more?

GPS Questions

What type of GPS equipment do you recommend?
Do I have to use a GPS to map my system.
Can I just use my phone's GPS
I'm using a Trimble R1 with my IPad but my location is off by 20ft.
When I turn on GPS in Diamond Maps I get error "User denied Geolocation".
What is the difference between GPS and GNSS?