Template Manager

The Template Manager screen is where you can manage a common list of layer templates used by all maps on your account.  Whenever you create a new layer you have the option of selecting the "type" of layer you want to create.  This topic is applicable to people who frequently create new maps and layers.

What is the purpose of a layer template
Lets say you just spent an hour customizing the field layout and display settings for a special power pole layer for the map of a certain town.  Everything works great but now you want to create a new map for another town and they too want a power pole layer.  So how do you avoid doing all the customization work all over again?  Answer - Layer Templates.

How to create a layer template
Layer templates are created by cloning the settings of an existing layer.  To create a layer template do the following:
1. first select "Manage Layer Templates" from the map's menu.  
2. click the "Create Template" button
3. select an existing layer that models how you want other layers to be.  
4. Give the template a name and optional description and click "Create".  The Template name is the name that shows up in the template list.  The Layer Name is the default name to be assigned to all layers created from this template.  And the template description is used to leave yourself some notes so that you will later remember the intended purpose of this layer template.
5. Only the field layout and display settings are copied to the template.  A layer template does not contain any features.

How to use a layer templates
From any map on the same account click Add New Layer on the layer list.  On the create new layer screen open the list of layer types.  Your layer templates will be listed here.  Select one of them and then a new blank layer will be created that is formatted to match the template.  

Deleting a layer template
When you delete a layer template it only deletes the template and has no affect on any layers previously created from this template.