Select and Modify

The Select button on the main toolbar provides a way to visually select a set of features on the map and then perform a batch task on all of them.

To select features in a rectangle
First use the layer pick list to pick the layer that you want to select features from and then click the button.  Now imagine a rectangle on the screen that surrounds just the features that you want to select.  Move your mouse or finger to one corner of that rectangle and then press and hold down.  While holding down, drag your mouse or finger to the opposite corner and then let go.  Any features partially or completely inside the box will be selected and highlighted on the map and the Selection toolbar will display the number of selected features.  Continue to draw additional rectangles to include more features in your selection.  Its ok if your rectangles overlap because no feature will be selected twice.

Now you can choose an action to perform on your selected features.  If your rectangle selected more features than you intended then select "Clear Selection" and start over.

Delete Selected Ftrs
Select this action to delete all the selected features.  Once a feature is deleted it is gone from both the display as well as the feature table of the browse screen.

Move Selected Ftrs
Use this action to move or copy the selected features to another layer.  See Move Feature To Different Layer.

Export With Totals
Select this action to generate a CSV file listing all features in your selection.

Set Field Value
Select this action to edit the text of a certain field of all your selected features at once.  See Set Field Value for more information.

Clear Selection
This action just unselects all currently selected features so that you can start a new selection.

Other Notes
  • You can also delete individual features by clicking on them in the map and then selecting  "delete" from the list of actions on the feature form.
  • You must have edit permission to delete features.
  • These same actions can also be performed on a list of features produced by a search result.  See action menu at bottom of browse screen.