Geodatabase Tools

You can import data from an ESRI File Geodatabase (GDB), or Personal Geodatabase (MDB).  But it requires downloading our free Geodatabase Tools app on a Windows computer.
1. Download the installer onto a windows computer using this link   Download InstallGDBTools.exe 
2. After installing you will have a new item on your start menu called "DM GDB Importer"
3. Run the GDB Importer
4. Click the "Import" button and then click "Select FGDB" if importing a File Geodatabase
5. Browse to and select the gdb folder that you want to import
6. Next it will prompt you to login (see note below *)
7. Next select the map that you want to import this data into. This list only shows maps for which you have map manager permission.
8. The import may take a few minutes depending on the size of the data.
* Important: Since you can only be logged in at one location at a time, do not login to your map in your browser with the same user name while the import is running . If you do so it may cause the importer to abort the import.