If your tablet or other device has GPS capabilities then the map can track your location.  Use the button on the right edge of the screen to control this.  When you click this button the system will zoom to and highlight your location on the map.  Click it again any time you want to see an update.

GPS Status
For more details select "GPS Status" from the main menu.  This will display a screen showing additional details such as error messages and the uncertainty of your current location.  This screen also offers a "TRACK" mode which cause your GPS location to continually update on the map display as you move.

Status Color
When the GPS is in ON or TRACK mode, the background color of the button will indicate the status.  Green indicates that the GPS has a fix on you with an uncertainty of less than 200 meters.  Red indicates no fix.

A translucent yellow circle will be shown surrounding your location indicating the uncertainty of the GPS fix.  The smaller the circle the more precisely your location is known.

Import GPS Data
On a related note, if you have a GPS device that you have used to collect data points you might be able to import that data into the map.  See Import GPX.

If your GPS location is not displaying when you click the GPS button try these fixes:
1. Click Menu and then select "GPS Status".  Does it display an error message?
2. If the GPS Status screen shows an uncertainty of more than 1000 meters then your GPS signal is not good enough to estimate your location on the map.
3. Is the GPS enabled on your phone or other device?
4. Did you answer "Yes" the first time your browser asked you for permission to allow our web page to access your GPS location?  If you are not sure you need to check your phone or browsers settings and make sure that it allows this web page access to your location.