"I showed my map to the council last night, they all were very impressed." - Jamie T., Greenwood WI

"Why hasn't someone done this before" - Joe J.,Coryell City TX

"Invaluable! The best tool out there for any size system period" - Randall W., Sunny Hills FL

"I really like what I see." - Don C., Illinois Rural Water Assoc IL

"This is exactly what I've been looking for." - Randy P., Caddo Co RWD#3, OK

"I use Diamond Maps several times daily. I especially love the GPS feature." - Jeff M. , PWSD #1 Dekalb County MO

"To say we are in love with Diamond Maps is an understatement. We are finding new ways every day to use the program. Great job – keep it up!" Michelle H., Midwest Water Group, Chicago

"You have constructed an excellent tool" Jamie H., New York Rural Water Assoc NY

"I have been looking for this for three years" - Randy T.,Lake Sara IL

"It is user friendly and as handy as the pocket in my shirt. And that is exactly where I keep my copy of Diamond Maps." Frank O., Platte MO

"This program is super addictive. Do not give to kids that like maps or colors or dots." Jesse H., Olathe KS

"Loving Diamond Maps!" Josh L., East Grand Forks MN

"I was an advocate for this because it requires no training. They just watch the videos." Mike A., People Service, Omaha NE

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Features is a cloud based GIS designed for water and wastewater. Whether you are starting from scratch or looking for a way to edit your existing GIS in the field, people choose Diamond because it is simple and affordable.
Feature Summary
Click the picture to the right to see a summary of Diamond Maps' features. Print this picture to use as a handout to your board.
Training & Support
Email support is included for all subscribers. Or browse our video training library for both beginner and advanced training courses.
Built in drawing tools let you draw point, line, or area features. Built in Google Maps and street view allow you start drawing with your mouse or finger right out of the box. You can tag each new feature with attributes like size, material, date last inspected, etc. Drawing aids help you snap new lines to existing geometry. Anything drawn is instantly shared with all other users on your account. watch drawing video
Import SHP (shapefiles), GPX, or CSV files from your existing GIS or GPS. Diamond Maps supports layers with hundreds of thousands of features. You can also export your data to shapefile at any time so you are never locked into staying with us. watch import video
Work Orders New
A brand new feature being introduced in 2018 is Work Orders. A simple approach to helping you and your team manage a list of things-to-do ranging from customer complaints to major repairs all from your phone or PC. Watch video
Click the share button to send anyone a link to what you are viewing. Your recipients can even interact with the map in a limitted way by zooming, panning, and clicking other features. They see only the layers you had turned on when you sent the map. Their map is automatically zoomed to the area you were viewing and any feature you had selected is pre-selected on their end. watch share video
Log Everything
In addition to the static attributes assigned to features, each feature has a log field that lets you keep a running history of everything that happens. Every time a user enters a note such as cycling a valve, flushing a hydrant, or inspecting a pipe, the note is automatically stamped with the name of the user and the date and time the note was entered.
Attach Pictures
Each feature also lets you attach pictures, video’s, PDF’s or other documents. Take the picture live from your tablet, upload a file, or capture an image from Google maps, or Google street view. All documents are linked to the selected map feature and automatically uploaded to the Diamond Maps server for all other users to view.
A built in picture editor lets you markup your pictures. This includes the Google screen shots as well as any pictures you take with your camera
Create new layers from canned templates or setup layers with just the fields you need. Create pick lists for uniform data entry. And set the colors, symbols, opacities, and other display settings for each layer.
If you draw something in the wrong location you can use the Adjust Points tool to move individual vertexes or even insert new vertexes into a complex polyline.
Control Usage
In multi-user environments, a designated map manager controls who is permitted to make changes to each layer. Anyone on your team can view the content of each layer but only authorized users can add, change, or delete its content.
Use the measure tools to measure distances or areas by clicking points along a path or around a perimeter. You can display the results in a variety of english or metric units. watch measure video
You can point and click on any feature you see on the map to reveal its details including its attachments and log. For many users, the only things they need to learn are a) how to turn layers on and off, and b) how to click on things you see on the map. You can edit the details of any feature in the popup window that appears.
Click any layer name in the layer list to browse the contents of that layer. Each feature is a row and the columns represent the different attributes tagged to the features. Click on any field name to sort all the features by that field. Click on any row to locate that feature on the map. The browse window can be made bigger by dragging the lower right corner of the window.
At the top of the browse screen you will see a search tab. Click here to search for a certain feature in the list. You can use the simple search to search all fields of all features for a certain word. Or use the advanced search to do more complex searches.
Click the GPS button to show your location on the map. If you have a high accuracy GPS attached to your phone you can use Diamond as a data collector.
All of the Diamond Maps functionality works on PC's, tablets, and smart phones as a browser based application. All you need is an internet connection. New data added by one person is instantly available to all users belonging to your account.
A .net API is available for any developers wanting to integrate your map with your billing software, SCADA, or other systems. Need help with that? We can recommend freelance developers with experience doing just that.

Getting Started
Do you like to visualize the whole process before jumping in? Then watch these two videos in order before creating your 30 day free trial.

Create Your First Map
This 4 minute video shows you how to create an account and login to your map.

Create First Layer And Start Drawing
This 12 minute video walks you through the process of mapping a sanitary sewer network

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per user per month

No Credit Card Required

All functionality described above is included in this one price. No suprises, no contract, and no yearly commitment.

Price Guarantee
We promise to not raise your price for at least 10 years.

We can either invoice you annually and you pay by check. Or you can setup an automatic monthly payment from your credit card, same price either way.

User Quantity
You can setup a separate user name and password (ie. login) for each user that you purchase. Each login can be used on any smart phone, tablet, or computer but at only one location at a time.

Unlimited Use Option
Most systems opt for our unlimited-use subscription. This fixed price is based on the size of your town or water system and it allows you to give everyone access to the map including your field staff, office staff, engineer, and even contractors. Don't worry, you control who can make changes to the map and who can just view it. Contact us for a price.

See frequently asked questions for more details.

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How We Got Started
One thing I learned in 22 years of doing GIS software was that the people who manage small towns wear a lot of hats and they don't have time to become GIS experts. So in 2015 I set out to develop a new GIS system on the bet that there was a large audience of people just looking for something simple. read more...
Diamond Maps is trusted by over 300 cities, towns, and rural utility districts. Additionally, the following service companies use or promote Diamond Maps

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Contact Info

Have questions? Want a personal demo? Give us a call. We specialize in working with first time GIS users so all questions are welcome. Or send us your GIS files and we will set you up with a fully working 30 day free trial.



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