Use the search screen to search all features of a certain layer for those that contain a certain word, phrase, or other criteria.  To access the search screen click on a layer in the Layers screen and then click the search tab.

Simple Search
Type a word or phrase in the search box and click search.  The map will check all fields of all features on the current layer and display a list of all features that matched.  The results are displayed on the Browse tab of this screen.  The search includes all log entries associated with each feature as well as attached document names.  However it does not search the contents of attached documents.

Advanced Search
Use the advanced search to control which fields are searched and what type of search to perform.  For example, to find all features with a material of PVC installed prior to 1970 you would click the pull down box next to the Material field and select "Contains" and then type the word "PVC".  Then next to the Date Installed field select "<" in the pull down list and enter a date of 1970.  Then click Search.

Additional Notes
  • For date fields use the format yyyy-mm-dd.  Alternately you can enter the year only, as in the example above, or year and month only, as in "2016-01".  For example a search for date equals "2016-01" would return all features with date values from any time in January 2016
  • The "=" operator will find only those fields that exactly match your text whereas the "contains" operator will find any field that contains your text
  • All searches are case insensitive.  So a search for "PVC" will return the same results as a search for "pvc"

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