Map Properties

Most settings within your map are associated with a certain layer and are stored as layer settings. But there are a few settings, as shown here, that are associated with the map as a whole.  To access this Map Properties screen click the Menu button on the main toolbar and then click Map Properties.

Map Name
This is the descriptive name to be shown in the title of your browser and also on the account summary page.  Most customers manage everything on a single map.  However, if you have multiple maps on your account then be sure to give each one a name that differentiates it from the other maps.  For example, "Street Dept Map", or "Parks & Rec Map"

Initial View
This indicates the location in the world that your map should be centered on when it is opened.  To change this first pan and zoom your map to the desired view.  Then click the "Use Current View" button to save that view.  From then on, the map will be initially centered on this same view whenever anyone opens this map.

This setting defines who the "Map Managers" are for this map.  Only users who are listed as map managers can add layers, remove layers, or change the startup default for all layer settings.  Actually you have to be a map manager to even access this Map Properties screen.  See User Permissions for more about this and other permission settings.

Parent Account
This display the account number that this map belongs to.  See Account & Users on the menu for more information.

Outsider Access
The basic rule for map access is that only those users on this account (see parent account above) have access to this and any other maps on your account.  But you may choose to also grant access to "outsiders" or users on other accounts.  For example, a neighboring utility may have their own account and you may want to give their staff access to your map and likewise they give your staff access to their map.  Or maybe you want to give a contractor or consultant access to your map but you want them to purchase their own subscription rather than listing them as a user on your account.  In either of these cases you just need to know their account number and you can add it here to allow them to view your map.  These outsiders are granted read-only access to your map and it does not apply to any other maps you may have on your account.  Note that this access is given to ALL users on this outsider account.

Public Map
Check this box if you want your map to be accessible by the public (not typical).This is useful when you want to create a map that anyone can view without having to login.  You might even want to link to the map's url from your companies website.  The public will only be able to view your map layers.  But when you and your fellow acccount users login to the same map, you will have your normal editing permissions.  If you have a layer that you want to include on your public map but there is some private information on that layer (such as phone numbers or email addresses), then the Add/Remove Fields screen has ways to hide select fields from public viewing.

Video on this Topic
See Video:  Map Properties on Diamond Maps