Click the markup button to display the markup tool bar.  The buttons described below place temporary markings on the map for the purpose of printing or sharing your map.  They will disappear the next time you reload your map or when you click the 'Clear' button.  To permenantly draw features on the map see the draw tool.

Lat/Lon Coordinates
Click the "Coords" button and then click on the map anywhere to label a points latitude / longitude coordinates.  To locate a known latitude/longitude coordinate use the Find Address box

Click the "Elevation" button and then click on the map to label a points elevation.  This elevation information is provided by Google services and is based on a collection of both federal and local sources.  There is no statement of accuracy or authority associated with this information.

Click the pencil button to freehand sketch on the map.

Click the "Clear" button to remove a coordinates, measurements, and other temporary markings from the map display.

Feature Coordinates
You can also add a special field to your layers that automatically calculates and displays the coordinates of a feature anytime you click on a feature.  See Add/Remove Fields for more information.

Video on this Topic
See Video:  Temporary Markups on Diamond Maps