Move or Copy A Feature To A Different Layer

Use this screen to move or copy a single feature or batch of features from one layer to another. To get to this screen, first select a feature on the map, then select "Change Layer" from the feature's action menu.  Or to move a batch of features you can use the action menu on the select and modify or browse screens.

The difficult part about moving/copying a feature from one layer to another is that the list of fields in the source layer do not always match the list of fields in the destination layer.  So this screen lets you specify how the values from each field should be transfered.  After you select your destination layer you will be presented with a list of all the fields from your source layer displayed in the left column.  Then in the right column you should indicate which field of the destination layer values from each field should be transferred to.  The system will pre-select any fields for you whenever it finds a field in the destination layer with the same name as a field in the source layer but you can override this by selecting a different field.  If no field name is selected on the right for any row then that means the values, if any, in that field of all source features will not be copied to the destination layer.