Map Navigation

This topic describes the main map screen including tips on how to navigate and control the map.

Main Toolbar
The buttons along the top just inside the map border are called the Main Toolbar.  These are the tools people use most.  The Menu button display a more comprehensive listing of all the tools available to you.  The Layers button will become one of your most commonly used tools since it is your catalog to all of your map content.

Navigation Buttons
The buttons along the right edge of the map are used to navigate the map display.  
Use the +/- buttons to zoom in and out.  See mouse and finger techniques described below for quicker ways of doing the same.
Use the orange "Peg Man" icon to change to Google Street View.  Click on this icon and drag it out onto the map.  If street view is available in your area you will see certain roads highlighted indicating where street view is available.  Drop the peg man onto one of these highlighted roads and you wil seel a view of that area looking from the street.  Once in street view mode you can turn and look in any direction or move up and down the road.
Use the home button to return to your starting view of the map.  See the Map Properties screen for instructions on changing this initial view.
Use the zoom window button to zoom in on a specific region that you indicate within the current view.  Click this button then click and drag across the map display to form a window.  Release and the map will zoom to that area indicated by your window.
Use the GPS button to turn GPS tracking on and off.  See GPS topic for more information.

Mouse Shortcuts
In addition to the Navigation buttons described above you can do a lot with just your mouse.  To pan the map in any directions just click and hold down on your mouse button, drag it in any direction and then let go.  To zoom in and out use the scroll wheel on your mouse.

Finger Shortcuts
If your using your tablet you can pan the map by simply swiping your finger across the map in any direction.  To zoom in place two fingers on the map and slowly spread them apart.  To zoom out bring your two fingers closer together.

Zoom Limits
The mouse scroll wheel and finger swiping techniques will only allow you to zoom in so far, being limitted by the Google base map layers.  To zoom in closer use the + button located on the right edge of the screen.

You can click on any features you see on the map to see details which are displayed in the popup feature form.

The top right corner of the map display shows who is currently logged in and a link is provided to logout.  Each user can only be logged in on one computer or tablet at a time.  So when you login at a new computer you will be automatically logged out at your previous computer.

Video on this Topic
See Video:  Navigating the Map