Map Picture Taker

The map picture taker is a tool that allow you to take screen shots of your Google base map for the purpose of marking on and using as an attachment in a feature.  To get to the Map Picture Taker screen click the "Map Pic" button found in the attachment field of a feature.

To Take An Aerial Picture
Pan or zoom the map to the view that you want to capture and then click the "Take Aerial Picture" button.  You can navigate this map using the same techniques you would use to navigate the main map display.  Click the X button in the upper right corner to cancel the picture taker.

To Take a Google Street view Image
Click and drag the orange "Peg Man" icon out onto the map and drop it on any of the highlighted roads.  The highlighting that appears indicates which roads have Street view imagery available.  Google street view is not available everywhere.  Once the Street view appears you can change your direction of view by clicking on the compass arrows.  Or you can rotate the view by clicking and dragging the display in any direction.  To move down the road click one of the large arrow icons on the road or click on some more distant point down the road to move to that point of view.  Once you have reached the view you are looking for click the "Take Street Picture" button.

Picture Editor
After capturing your image you will be taken to the Picture Editor screen where you can markup your picture with redlining if needed.

Video on this Topic
See Video:  Adding Attachments to Diamond Maps