Setup Juniper Geode On An Apple Device

One-time Setup

Prerequisite: You must use the Geode GNS2 model in order to get the Geode to communicated with browser based applications like Diamond Maps on an Apple device.  If you bought your geode before about 2019 or if it does not say GNS2 then it may not work with Diamond Maps on iOS devices.

1. Turn on your Geode.  If you have not yet paired your phone/tablet with the Geode then go to Settings, click Bluetooth, Select your device in the list to pair with it.

2. Download and install Geode Connect from the App Store.  This is an app published by Juniper System. 

3. Start the Geode Connect app if it is not already running.  

4. In the Geode Connect app, tap up top where it says "No Device" and select your Geode from the list.  The blue light on the Geode should light up. Confirm that it is connected to the Geode as indicated by the presence of Latitude/Longitude coordinates displayed in Geode Connect.

Do the following each time you want to use the GPS 

5. Make sure Geode Connect app is on and running. 

6. Open your map and press the yellow GPS button on the right side of your screen. This should place a yellow circle at your location on the map.  If this doesn't work you may need to change the security settings on your device. 

7. Lastly it is important to confirm that your device is using the Geode for its location source in place of the device's on-board GPS.  To test this, lay Geode on the ground and walk away from the Geode with your device about 15 feet to see if it follows you. If the yellow dot stays stationary on the screen then you are ready to go.  If the dot moves with you then your device is still using it's on-board GPS.  Try powering off your device and then back on.

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