Share Map

The share button is a collaboration tool that lets you show someone else what you are looking at.  Imagine that you are talking to a contractor on the phone and want to show him something on your map.  So you click the share button, enter his email address, and within a few seconds he is looking at exactly what you are looking at.

The share button sends your recipients a link to an interactive map that has only the information you want them to see.  
  • The recipients can zoom in and zoom out and click on features just like you, but they can only see those layers that you had turned on when you clicked "share".  
  • When they first open their map it is pre-zoomed to the same view that you are looking at. 
  • If you had a feature selected on the map when you clicked share then that feature will be pre-selected on their map.
  • If you had measurements or coordinates or other markup on your map when you clicked share then they will see those same markings.
  • The link is good for 90 days so your recipient can return to his email inbox to view it again.
  • Recipients do not have to be licensed users on your account.  You can share a map with anyone who has an email address.

    When you click the share button you have two options.  You can either enter the email addresses of those you want to send the link to, or you can copy the link and paste it into an email of your own.  Sending the email yourself is recommended because it lets you type additional instructions and the email is seen as coming from you rather than from the mapping system.

    See Video:  Share Button on Diamond Maps