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Setup Trimble R1 on a Windows Device

Note: Trimble's GNSS Status app (referenced below) is being replaced by the Trimble Mobile Manger app.  

First time set up

1. Connect your R1 to an android or apple device and download the GNSS Status app.  

2. In the GNSS status app select the source button in the menu. Select Bluetooth as your source and make sure your R1 is the selected device.  Then press select at the bottom of the screen. 

3. Next in the menu select the NMEA option. You should see many options to choose from. Select them all, there should be a blue button at the bottom of the list that looks like to arrows pointing right. This will select all of them.  

4. Once you have selected them all at the bottom of the screen hit apply. A screen should pop up that has Bluetooth SPP 1 - 3 on it. Select one of them. It should pop up saying NMEA setting have been applied. And switch back to the previous screen. 

5. Repeat step 4 until you have applied the settings to all of the Bluetooth SPP's. 

Every time you connect 

6. Now that you have the device fully set up. You are ready to connect using your windows device. Disconnect the device from your Android or Apple product and go into the Bluetooth settings on your windows device and connect to your GNSS Receiver.  

7. Now open the control panel on your windows device and select devices and printers. Scroll down and find your GNSS receiver. Right click on it and select properties. Then under properties select Services. Here is where we can see which com port you want to select in you NMEA bridge program. On the left side you will see a series of names that say "Serial port (SSP) 'COM#'" then on the right side of the box you should see a list that looks like "COM#". Any of these will work except for the one that corresponds with the name on the left that reads "Serial Port (SPP) 'GNSS Server'" Do not choose this one.  

8. Now that you have identified the Com# you want to use open the NMEA Bridge File. In the input COM Port drop down box select the COM Port that you previously identified as one of the acceptable COM Ports.  

9. Hit start and after a moment you should see numbers start to populate the boxes below. If they do success.  

10. If the GNSS Bridge app is working then you can log into Diamond Maps and in the menu select GPS status. Click the on button then for the source select NMEA Bridge File. For the input file click choose file and browse through your documents for one called mylocation

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If after hitting start the file output number of writes starts counting up but the Lat/Long Time and Uncertainty boxes stay blank or all say zero, then verify that the light on your GNSS receiver is flashing Green. If it is Flashing yellow that means that is has not connected to the satellites yet. And that is why the boxes are blank. If it is flashing green and the boxes are still blank, then try connecting to one of the other COM Ports that you identified in step 7.  


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