Setup Trimble R1 on an Apple Device

Note: Trimble's GNSS Status app (referenced below) is being replaced by the Trimble Mobile Manger app.  

1. Connect to your GNSS device from the Bluetooth settings screen on your apple device.  

(Steps 2-4 are not always needed but are listed here to be thorough)

2. Download the GNSS Status app from the app store. 

3. open the app and under the menu select source, then select Bluetooth, then select your GNSS device, then press select. 

4.  Make sure the R1 is configured to broadcast NMEA sentences.  From the GNSS status app click the menu button and select NMEA.  On this screen make sure the GGA and GST sentences (at a minimum) are selected then click Save.

5. Open your internet browser and log into Diamond Maps. To start using the GPS to log points on the map click the yellow GPS button on the right side of the screen. It may ask for permission to access your location. Allow it. 

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