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Setup Juniper Geode on Windows Device

Steps 1 to 7 below are taken from this Juniper Systems article

1. Power on the Geode.  

2. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your Windows device

3. Install and run the Juniper Systems app called "Geode Connect"

4. If the device has connected to a Geode previously, tap the Goede name at the top of the screen and proceed to step 8.

5. If you have not previously used this Geode you will be taken to the Device Setup screen.  Click Change Device

6. The app will display a list of local wireless and conneted devices.  Identify your Geode via the serial number printed on its bottom panel.  Tap on the name of the Geode you wish to pair with.

7. Follow the prompts to finish pairing the Geode with your device.  If prompted by your device, enter the pair code: 0000.

8. From the home screen of the Geode, tap the menu icon.

9. Select "OS Location"

10. Select "On".  (It is no longer necessary to keep Geode Connect open

11. Open your map and press the yellow GPS button on the right side of your screen. This should place a yellow circle at your location on the map.  If this doesn't work you may need to change the security settings on your device. 

12. Lastly it is important to confirm that your device is using the Geode for its location source in place of the device's on-board GPS.  To test this, lay Geode on the ground and walk away from the Geode with your device about 20 feet to see if it follows you. If the yellow dot stays stationary on the screen then you are ready to go.  If the dot moves with you then your device is still using it's on-board GPS.  Try powering off your device and then back on.

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