Large Format Print

To generate a large wall map use the 'Large Format Print' option found on the menu.  This tool will generate a PDF file containing a map printout.  If you don't have a large format printer you can send this file to your local printing company or to one of many online print services.

1. First turn on the layers you want printed and turn off the layers you don't want printed.  You might also want to review your colors and symbols of each layer to make sure they are the way you want to see them.
2. Click 'Next' on the opening instructions screen.
3. Select the paper size that you want to print to.  The first number is the width and the second number is the height.
4. Select the type of background image you want to see in the printout.  This does not have to be the same background you are currently viewing.
5. Next indicate the area that you want to print.  The yellow box is presized to match the aspect ratio of the paper size you selected.  Click and drag the corners or middle of the box to mark the area of the map that you want to print.  The rectangle might automatically adjust itself after each move in order to maintain the same aspect ratio as the paper.  If you want to change the orientation of the rectangle then you need to click back and change the paper size. You can also specify the scale you want the map at.
6. Click print and after a few seconds, a pdf file will be downloaded to your browser's list of downloads.
7. Preview the pdf file on your computer to make sure it shows what you need it to.  Be sure to zoom in on the pdf image to see what it will look like on larger paper.  If it is not the way you like it then repeat from step 1 using different display settings.
8. Either print the pdf file to your in-house printer or email it to a printing company.

What you get is more than what you see
Unlike the Quick Print, this print file will be generated at a much closer zoom level than what you are currently viewing on the map.  This zoom level is automatically calculated to best match your paper size and requested print area.  

Layers with Minimum Zoom Levels
Also note that if you have a Minimum Zoom level setup for certain layers then those layers will only print if the zoom level selected by the print engine is close enough to see those layers.  If you want more predictable results then disable the minimum zoom level for each of your layers and instead force the layers either fully on or full off.

See Video:  Large Format Printing on Diamond Maps