Snap Lines To Points

This is a special purpose tool created to correct the location of a layer of line segments to align with a layer of points.  One application of this tool is to correct the position of sanitary sewer lines to align with a more accurate manholes layer.

  • You have a layer of point features that are positionally accurate.
  • You have a layer of simple line segments whose end points should align with the points on the point layer but some or all of them do not.  Each feature on this layer must be represented by a polyline with only two verticies (start and end).

    How it works
    When the process runs it analizes each end point of each line segment.  If there is exactly one point (no more, no less) within the specified tollerance distance from the line end then that line end is moved to match the point.  

    The process does not alter either the point or line layer but rather a 3rd layer is created as a copy of the original line layer but with the corrections made.  This resulting layer also contains a status field that flags each line segments with a reason as to why it may not have been corrected.  For example, no manholes were found within the tolerance distance.