Work Orders Setup

This topic describes how to perform setup tasks related to the Work Order system.  

How to add a work order layer to your map
The first thing you have to do before you can use work orders is add a special work order layer to your map.  You add this layer to your map as you would add any layer.  Click the layers button, then click "Add" then select "Work Orders 2" as the layer type.  If "Work Orders 2" is not listed in your list of layer types then that means the work order functionality has not been enabled for your account.  Contact your sales representative to get this enabled.  Note that you can only have one work order layer on your map.  

Customize the form layout for ALL work orders
As with any other layer you can add your own custom fields to the work order form.  For example you might want to add a field to record the materials cost associated with each work order.  See Add/Remove fields for instructions.  When you do go to edit the field layout of this special layer you will notice that there are several fields that you are not allowed to modify or remove.  These are special fields required by this special work orders layer.  For the most part you can only add additional fields.  But, read the next paragraph before you do this.

Customizing the form layout for CERTAIN work orders
Before you add a bunch of custom fields to the work order form you need to make sure you understand how work order types work.  Fields added to your work order form using Add/Remove fields (described above) will apply to ALL work orders.  But fields added using the type manager will apply only to certain types of work orders allowing you to create different custom forms for different types of work.

Permission Setup
Any users who will need to be able to create new work orders should be granted edit permission for the work order layer.  You can grant this permission using the regular User Permissions menu item.  However, whenever the creator of the work order assigns other users to a task then those other users will also be automatically permitted to edit that work order even though they do not have global edit permission across the entire layer.  See work order permissions for complete details.