Work Order Calendar

The calendar screen is the main dashboard for the work order system.  You can get to this screen by clicking the "Wrk Ord" button on the main menu or by selecting the work order layer from the layer list.  

Individual work orders are represented on the calendar with an X.  A small "x" is a frequently recurring work order while a large "X" marks are one-time or less frequent task.  Click on a day of the calendar to view a list of all work orders associated with that date.  Work orders appear on the calendar based on their "Date Started".  Or if the task has not been started then the "Date Planned" is used.  Note that whenever you create a new work order it will be assigned a "Date Planned" matching the currently selected date on the calendar.  And whenever you change the status of a work order to "Started" it will give it a "Date Started" matching today.  

How To Create A New Work Order
1. Click the Work Order button on the main menu to take you to the work order calendar screen.
2. Make sure that the current date is selected on the calendar and then click the "New" button.  (The work order will be give a "Date Planned" matching the currently selected date on the calendar)
3. Click on a feature on the map that you want to assign this work order to.  Or if this work order is not associated with a certain asset then you can just click on any map location that best represents where this work will be done.  Confirm your selection in the box that appears.
4. If you have defined a list of different work order types then you will be asked to indicate what type of work order this should be.  Otherwise, a generic work order type will be used.
5. A blank work order form will be displayed.  At a minimum you will want to provide a title and description of the work to be performed. You can also assign the work order to specific people, assign it a future start date (it defaults to today), and other options.
6. Click "Add" at the top of the form.
7. Click the refresh button on the calendar screen to see the newly added task.

How To Create Recurring Tasks
If you have a task that needs to be performed daily, weekly, monthly, or at some other specific interval you can setup a recurring work order just once and it will appear on the calendar on all future dates.  The process is very similar to the "How To Create A New Work Order" steps described above but you click the "New Recurring" button instead.  An additional screen will prompt you for the rules defining how the task should repeat.  The calendar view will show a reminder on every day that this recurring task is scheduled to be performed.  To actually perform the task each day you click on this reminder and then click "Start".  Clicking start actually creates a new number work work order to record the work or readings associated with just this day's work.

For more details see the main Work Orders help topic.