Work Order Form Types

What are work order form types
For any regular map layer, you define a list of data fields and then every features of that layer presents that same list of fields for your data entry.  For example, if you defined a "Color" field for your Fire Hydrant layer then every fire hydrant feature on that layer will display a box for you to type in the color.  Your work order layer is a little different in that it allows you to use a different set of fields for different work order features on the same layer.  The particular set of fields presented with each work order feature depends on the work order type you select when creating each feature.  For example, if you create a new work order and select a "Manhole Inspection" work order type, then your work order feature will contain some special fields related to manhole inspections such as Level, Structure Condition, Debris, etc.  This help topic discusses how to manage a list of work order types and the custom list of fields associated with each type.

Do I have to create a list of work order form types?
No, the list of work order types is optional.  If you do create a list of work order types, then each time you create a new work order you will be prompted to select the type of work order you want to create.  If your work order type list is blank then you will never be prompted to select a type and a basic work order will always be used.

How to get to the work order management screen
To get to the work order form type management screen first select your work order layer from the list of layers, then select the "More" tab at the top of the screen, then select "Manage Form Types".  If you already have some types defined they will be shown here.  

How to create a new work order form type
To create a new type click the "Create Form Type" button and then see the instructions in Defining a Work Order Type.

How to delete an existing work order form type
Select a work order type from the list and then click the "Delete Form Type" button.  Deleting a type from the list does not affect any work orders previously created from this type.

How to change a work order form type
If you want to change the list of fields associated with a certain work order type then select that type in the list and click "Edit Form Type".  See Defining a Work Order Type for instructions on editing the list of fields.  Any changes you make to a type will only be applied to new work orders created from here forward.  Any work orders previously created from this type will continue to use the older layout.

Import work order form types
If you manage multiple accounts then the "Import WO Form Types" button may be of interest to you.  This button lets you copy work order types from another work order layer to this one.  For example, you may have already setup a list of custom work order types on some other map you created and you want to use some of those same types in this work order layer.  This button presents a list of all work order types belonging to all work order layers of all maps that you have permission to view.  Even if those maps are in a different account.  Select the ones you want to import and they will be added to your list of types on this layer.  This is a COPY action so if you change or delete these types within one work order layer it will not affect the types in the other layer.

For a more general description of Work Orders see Work Orders.