Defining a Work Order Form Type

This topic describes the syntax used to define a custom work order form type. A work order type is simply a list of fields that are defined in a simple text editor.  This text editor is displayed whenever you choose to create or edit a work order type from the work order management screen.  Each field must be listed in a seperate row and the syntax of each row depends on the type of field.  The syntax of each field type is described below

This example defines a "Manhole Inspection" work order type
field=Water Level|TEXT
field=Pump Hours|NUMBER|10|1
field=Structure Condition|PICK|10|0|Good,Fair,Poor,Not Assessed
field=Controls Condition|PICK|10|0|Good,Fair,Poor

Format of each row
Each row must begin with "field=" followed by the name you want to call the field, followed by a "pipe" symbol, followed by the field type.  Depending on the field type, some additional values might be required.  See below for the complete syntax required by each field type.

TEXT fields
DisplaySize is optional and is the suggested size of the text box, in number of characters, to be used to display this field.  If you want to see a multiple line text box use a higher value like 100 here.  This value does not limit the length of text that can be entered.

NUMBER fields
Use this field type if you want to restrict input to numbers only.  The DecimalPlaces value specifies the number of digits that will be displayed after the decimal place when formatting this number for display.

DATE fields
Use this field type to cause all input to be conformed to a date or date + time.  Optionally the user can enter a year only in this field.

PICK fields
Use this field type if you want to present the user with a pick list. The items in your pick list must be seperated by commas.

SECTION fields
Use this field type to display a bold heading within your form.  Use these headings to visually categorize groups of fields.